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Turret Lift

The turret has been lifted into position at The Malthouse, Canterbury today.

Last week, The Kings School, Drama Department were Dancing for Joy in their (nearly) new dance studio.

Buxton are currently refurbishing a Victorian Malthouse building in Canterbury and have reinstated some of its architectural features, these include removing the large 1970's windows, reducing the openings and installing new windows sympathetic to the period.

We are building two new Lucam structures, a Lucam was a feature of a mill projecting out to allow a hoist to winch up sacks of grain, one of these will disguise a new escape staircase at the rear of the building.

The whole building has been scaffold and the temporary roof installed has now been removed, The roof has been replaced and existing slate tiles have been retained and re-used where possible.

Internally we have removed some of the original cast iron pillars, these will be retained by the school for future use.

Removing the pillars and floors has opened up the building and will allow a new 400-seat theatre, drama and dance studios, digital arts spaces, galleries and foyers to be constructed.

A section of the Malthouse will be used by the new international school, we are building new teaching, laboratory and catering facilities for their use in this area.

The £9.1m project will provide exciting new facilities for the school's 850 pupils

Employer: The King's School

Architect and Employers Agent & CDM: Tim Ronalds Architects

Project Manager & PQS: Fanshawe

Structural Engineer: Price & Myers

M & E Consultant: Skelly & Couch

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