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Celebrating International Womens Day

As a principal building contractor, Buxton recognises and celebrates International Women's Day, standing in solidarity with women worldwide. We proudly endorse the #EmbraceEquity campaign and encourage all to join us in this movement beyond just one day.

At Buxton, we believe that equity is not just a catchphrase but a fundamental necessity in our society. We advocate for gender equity to be ingrained into the very fabric of all communities, workplaces, and institutions.

It is crucial to understand the distinction between equity and equality. Equality assumes that everyone starts from the same point, while equity recognises that people have different starting points and require varying degrees of support to achieve their goals. To promote genuine inclusion and belonging, equitable action must be taken.

The #EmbraceEquity campaign for IWD 2023 is a clarion call to realise that equal opportunities are inadequate. Equity must be pursued in all facets of life to ensure that everyone has an equitable opportunity to achieve their aspirations.

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