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Feathered Friends and Art Deco Revival: A Tale from Saltdean Lido

If you've ever visited our Saltdean Lido restoration project, you'll know it's not just the humans who are busy at work. Our feathered friends, the seagulls, are as much a part of the site as our hard hats and blueprints.

Nestled by the sea, our Buxton team often find themselves in the company of these winged locals. They swoop, they dive, and they're not shy about making their presence known. But recently, one audacious avian took her relationship with our site to the next level.

Meet our newest 'employee': a seagull mother who decided that the roof of our building was the perfect nursery for her newborn chicks. While she's not too keen on us getting close (motherly instincts, we understand), we've managed to snap a picture of the adorable family.

This delightful distraction aside, we're thrilled to be partnering with the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company on this captivating restoration project. Saltdean Lido, often hailed as "the seventh wonder of the English seaside," is a testament to the innovative architectural prowess of R.W.H. Jones.

Constructed in 1938, its groundbreaking reinforced concrete structure allowed Jones to realize the Lido's iconic streamlined design. However, the Grade II* listed Art Deco building had seen better days. Its sea-facing location led to years of chloride-attack, allowing sea salts to infiltrate and damage the structure.

Thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Funding, we're breathing new life into Saltdean Lido. The vision is to transform this heritage asset into a sustainable, community-centric space that pays homage to its Art Deco roots while serving as a modern-day attraction.

Once complete, the Lido will boast an Art Deco event space (perfect for weddings and corporate events), an exercise studio, a library, a community hub, a café and heritage learning zone, and a shared workspace.

So, while our seagull family enjoys their rooftop view, we're hard at work ensuring the Saltdean Lido is ready to welcome its human visitors. Stay tuned for more updates from this exciting project!

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