Ghostly Goings on at Buxton

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Cedar House (our head office) formally known as the “Old Rectory” is cited to be the most haunted house in the district.

Since publishing our ghost story on our blog an 84 year old lady who lived in the Rectory during her teenage years recites several hauntings.

There was a row of servant bells on the wall in the kitchen and we had to keep old socks wound round the clanger because the bells would suddenly start to ring.

The room, where the door with the studs recording the people who died with plague (each panel was a month), we used as a living/dining room, as heating the large front room was a huge problem. We were all sitting round the fire one evening and my father suddenly jumped up and caught the Grandfather Clock as it toppled forward. It was near the inner window onto the corridor and would only ‘go’ when fixed back”.

One Christmas we had deep snow, and having no garage in those days, Dad pushed the car up against the back door.

Suddenly the back door bell went very loudly and going into the kitchen, we could see that the wire leading to a hanging bell was all hanging off the wall. Opening the door the bell pull was hanging out of the wall by a yard or more. BUT THE SNOW was undisturbed, all the way to the side gate!

Once, when I was doing the ironing on a table in the kitchen, by the entrance to the living room, I looked up into the room and saw a monk in brown habit, with hood up as solid and real as I was and I thought, ‘’hang on, what’s a monk doing in my house?’’. Went in there and he’d gone. Several times after that, I thought I’d had a glimpse of him from the corner of my eye.

I was always terrified of the Cellar! And kept a chest of drawers in front of the door. In my day if you went down the stairs into the Cellar, the wall on the left of you stopped under the eaves of the main floor and you could see a black void in the holes like another room.

Those early days in Caterham seems to belong to another lifetime. I hope you found it interesting about the house. Oh and the ghost’s name I was told was ‘’Bernard’’.

Chrissie Evans

Hauntings have been reported here since the beginning of the 19th Century when the Reverend Alick St John Heard and his wife moved in to the rectory. Stories include the Rector conducting his own experiment whereby he locked every door in the house and he and his wife left the house with the keys. When they returned an hour later every door was wide open. Other sightings include a mother waking to find a ghostly figure standing over her, door handles rattling, footsteps in the hallways and small articles such as hair brushes etc. moving of their own accord.

Mediums have visited the house and declared the front of the building to be possessed by the spirits of good and those at the back to be evil. It is reported that a skeleton was recovered from a shallow grave near to the back door which could have been a child’s grave as there are reports of seeing the figure of a Victorian child following one of the residents around the house. Neighbours also have their own stories to tell including one of a young lady that was a brilliant pianist. She became unexpectedly ill and died leaving her fiancé so distraught that he committed suicide in the building. Since then haunting music has been heard drifting across the gardens when the house was unoccupied.

Since Cedar House has been occupied by Buxton there have been other sightings by people working here. Even last week voices were heard!

Sitting in the board room cupboard doors have flown open, small articles have been said to move or fall of their own accord and anyone requested to retrieve something from the archives in the cellar do not go down there alone.

Our cleaners returned to a room they had just cleaned to find bins stacked weirdly on top of office chairs.

Surveyors have been known to have an over bearing feeling of foreboding that they have had to leave, some cynics attribute this behaviour to them having to do their cost reports on that day. Who knows what happens after the staff have left at night and before they return in the morning?

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