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#NAW2024 - Day 2 - Joshua Evans


I am nearing the end of my five-year apprenticeship at Buxton's, currently in the final stages of my degree in construction management at the University of Greenwich. Subsequently, I will undertake my endpoint assessment with the CIOB, success in which will grant me chartered membership.


Throughout my nearly five years at Buxton Building, I have been involved with all aspects of construction across numerous prestigious and interesting projects, from the redevelopment of the Imperial War Museum to currently working on a Passivhaus housing development in Richmond.


Along the way I have been able to work with many experienced colleagues who have helped me by sharing their knowledge and always been able to aid me with any queries or questions I may have had and still have. While also making it an enjoyable and fun environment to work in. I have found my hands on experience in the industry invaluable with assisting with my studies and development. I have enjoyed, on all projects I have worked on, playing an active part in the project team working to complete high quality projects. I believe my apprenticeship will be a solid foundation for what I hope will be a successful career and I am eager and excited for what comes next.

Joshua Evans

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