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New Recruits

Buxton is thrilled to welcome three talented individuals to its partnership housing team. Together with senior design manager Aga Storer, Rudi Cone is leading the transformative development of 56-60 Farmstead Road, while Keith Ansell is overseeing the housing project at West Wickham Library. These projects provide affordable and sustainable housing solutions to the local community.

Rudi Cone - Keith Ansell - Aga Storer

They play a vital role in ensuring that our projects are executed with precision, delivering high-quality and sustainable homes to our clients while meeting the unique needs of the communities we serve. Whether it's the Passivhaus-accredited Farmstead Road development or the incorporation of eco-friendly features behind the West Wickham Library, Buxton is at the forefront of sustainable design and construction practices.

With Rudi, George, and Aga on board, Buxton's partnership housing team is well-equipped to deliver exceptional results and contribute positively to the future of housing. Our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is evident in every project, providing warmer, more comfortable, and long-lasting homes for generations to come.

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