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Online Inductions

Buxton have developed a set of site specific online inductions, to aid social distancing.

This process is now being used to ensure that all persons entering a Buxton site remain fully informed about the activities being undertaken; and of their responsibilities.

It emphasises the requirements needed to undertake activities in a Controlled and Risk Assessed manner to help prevent the possible spread of Covid-19.

Site inductions are absolutely necessary for ALL visitors to site who might not necessarily be considered ‘workers’.

Our online inductions are proportionate to the nature of the visit and will be regularly reviewed to reflect any changes or recommendations made by the Government and/or the HSE.

It is vitally important that this is not just a box-ticking exercise, but that it is given appropriate time and priority, and it is prepared specifically for the project in question. It highlights particular risks and control measures that those working on, or visiting the project need to know.

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