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Sutton Housing Framework Completes

Buxton is delighted to announce the completion of 28 affordable homes over five sites for The London Borough of Sutton.

The properties have a low carbon footprint and are the first that the London Borough of Sutton has constructed that have triple-glazed windows and use energy-efficient air source heat pumps installed, helping to lower residents’ heating costs and reduce fuel poverty.

The energy strategy conformed to the new SAP10 regulations, and achieved an estimated 53% improvement over Part L by incorporating the following features: · High standards of insulation (enhanced U values and air permeability) · High-efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps · Energy efficiency lighting · Photovoltaics panels

Funded by the Greater London Authority’s Affordable Homes Programme which aims to deliver high-quality, energy-efficient social housing at affordable prices set at the Mayor of London’s London Affordable Rent levels.

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