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In 1924, Wavel Buxton founded the business from a yard behind his home in Westway, Caterham, and focused on small housing projects in and around Sanderstead, Purley, Coulsdon, and Caterham.


W&R Buxton became a limited company in May 1945 shortly after VE Day.

In the 1970s, David Buxton, a developer by nature took over the helm expanding and diversifying into other construction sectors including education, commercial, health, and community. 

Buxton Building Contractors Limited was formed as a registered company on 23 May 1988.

After conducting a strategic assessment of the Buxton family enterprises, a change in ownership occurred through an MBO on 26 September 2014. Subsequently, the organisation has thrived and proven to be profitable.

Our dedication to enhancing service and safety standards, as well as maximising value through collaborative efforts with Clients, Consultants, and Suppliers, while minimising environmental harm and waste, is unwavering.


We acknowledge that constant team skill improvement is crucial to accomplishing our objectives. Thus, we invest in our employees' personal and professional development and create optimal working conditions for them.

Our People

At Buxton, we understand that our employees' mental health and well-being are essential to their overall success and happiness in both their personal and professional lives. We take great pride in our team's dedication and commitment, and we value their contributions to our organisation. With a remarkable retention rate, a significant proportion of our staff members have been with us for several years, highlighting our belief in nurturing long-term relationships with our employees.

We prioritise our employees' mental health and well-being by promoting a healthy work-life balance. Our varied social calendar includes exciting activities such as charity events, curry evenings, go-karting, mountain biking, skiing, cricket, and more. These activities provide our staff with an opportunity to unwind, socialise and participate in team-building exercises. Our annual Christmas party held in London is a highlight of the year and provides an excellent opportunity for our staff to celebrate their achievements and relax.

In conclusion, at Buxton, we recognise that our employees' mental health and well-being are essential to their success and happiness in both their personal and professional lives. We are committed to nurturing and retaining our team members by providing a supportive and fun work environment that promotes work-life balance and fosters a culture of teamwork and support. Our social calendar is an integral part of our culture, and we strive to provide a range of activities that promote mental and physical health, camaraderie, and work-life balance.

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Buxton Building Contractors London and South East - Baby Shower
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Xmas Party 2016
Xmas Party 2016
Xmas Party 2016
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Xmas Party 2016
Xmas Party 2016
Management Team
Management Team

David Norman

David started his career as an assistant site engineer with a national contractor working in the London market. Having worked his way through the ranks over the past 30 years, David's experience and development has provided him with a practical and logical working knowledge of significant construction types on varied schemes spanning modern methods of construction through to sensitive conservation.


This has provided a strong foundation for a Managing Director who provides proactive solutions to real time challenges with an enigmatic and excellent motivational management style.

When away from the office David keeps himself busy with family activities, and enjoys walking, traveling, and winter sports. He also has an unhealthy interest in DIY.

Charitable Giving

At Buxton, we believe that charitable giving is a vital tool for promoting social equality and fostering meaningful conversations with our stakeholders about our shared social values. We understand the power of charitable contributions to drive positive change, and we are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve.

We take pride in our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to improve our communities' well-being. We celebrate and recognise the exceptional efforts of our staff who excel in their careers and contribute to their local communities. At Buxton, we believe that our employees' social impact is an essential aspect of their professional achievements, and we encourage our staff to engage in charitable activities to make a positive difference in the world.

In conclusion, Buxton is committed to using charitable giving as a tool for promoting social equality and fostering meaningful conversations about our shared social values. We celebrate our staff's exceptional efforts to improve our communities, and we believe that their social impact is an integral aspect of their professional achievements. We are proud to be a part of a global community that values social responsibility, and we strive to make a difference in the world through our charitable initiatives.

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Shorts for Macmillan
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Considerate Constructorss
Considerate Constructors

At Buxton, we strive to minimise the impact of our construction sites on the general public and surrounding areas. To achieve this, we implement various measures such as dust and noise suppression, road cleaning, secure hoardings, safety procedures for high-risk operations, scheduling of deliveries during non-busy periods, appropriate signage, and effective traffic management.

Our commitment to responsible construction practices is reflected in our long-standing association with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Since its inception, we have been actively involved in the scheme, and many of our registered sites have received commendations for their exceptional standards.

We achieve excellent scores  a ‘high level, beyond compliance’.

There is excellent company senior management and site team support in promoting and delivering the scheme’s core values which are reflected in the site visit assessment score.

There is an excellent promotion of safety awareness to the workforce and students.


Respect for the community remains excellent, with the project team strongly committed to the client’s objectives.

The workforce is valued and the standard of care remains excellent, with comprehensive facilities provided and maintained to a high standard.  The company’s support for encouraging, training, and supporting the future workforce continues to shine through.

Social Value

Buxton recognises the critical importance of Social Value (encompassing environmental, social, and governance aspects) in its business operations. The company is dedicated to advancing sustainable development through superior environmental practices. This involves reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste and pollution, and utilising sustainable materials.

The company is equally committed to social responsibility, focusing on building strong relationships with employees, customers, and the broader community. Buxton prioritises creating a safe and healthy workplace and offers ongoing training and development opportunities for its staff.


The company is equally committed to social responsibility, focusing on building strong relationships with employees, customers, and the broader community. Buxton prioritises creating a safe and healthy workplace and offers ongoing training and development opportunities for its staff.

Moreover, Buxton is devoted to maintaining positive relations with its customers by addressing their satisfaction and needs.


The company extends its commitment to community engagement, actively participating in local community projects. These initiatives include supporting local employment programmes and investing in community development schemes, underscoring Buxton's dedication to positively impact the areas where it operates.

Buxton recognises the significance of community projects in promoting sustainable development. The company works closely with stakeholders to ensure that its projects are inclusive and beneficial to all. By focusing on meaningful community projects, Buxton aims to leave a lasting, positive effect in the regions it serves.

In summary, Buxton firmly believes that adhering to responsible Social Value practices is essential for its success, contributing to long-term growth, establishing trust and credibility, and securing a sustainable future for all its stakeholders.

Equality & Respect

At Buxton, we firmly believe that equality is an essential value that must be upheld and enforced throughout the organisation. As such, we have adopted equal opportunity and diversity policies that are endorsed by all staff members. We recognise that diversity brings a range of experiences, perspectives, and skills that contribute to our success, and we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

We prioritise the health, safety, and well-being of all our employees, recognising that a safe and healthy working environment is vital to the success of our business. We provide support and resources to promote employee well-being and mental health, and we actively seek feedback from employees to ensure that we are meeting their needs. We also strive to create an inclusive working environment that values diversity and promotes collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

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Carpentry Class

Buxton monitors and evaluates our practices to ensure that we are complying with legal and ethical obligations and maintaining our high standards. We recognise that discrimination on the basis of age, sex, religion, or disability can create significant disadvantages for individuals, and we do not tolerate any such behavior.


We make reasonable adjustments or arrangements to overcome any disadvantage and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to our success. We condemn any behavior that treats anyone less favorably than another and is committed to promoting equality and fairness in everything we do.


Modern slavery includes slavery, servitude, human trafficking, and forced labour. Buxton Building Contractors Ltd recognises the severity of modern slavery and is committed to preventing it. This policy outlines our approach to modern slavery and provides guidance on what to do if any form of modern slavery is suspected within our business or supply chain.


The policy applies to all individuals working on the Buxton Building Contractors Ltd site, including agency workers, volunteers, and contractors.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery and are dedicated to conducting all business dealings with integrity, transparency, and ethical behavior. We have established systems and controls to prevent modern slavery from occurring within our business or supply chain. It is our responsibility to ensure, through our due diligence processes, that workers are not being exploited, that they are safe, and that relevant employment, health and safety, and human rights laws and standards are being followed.


We recognise that the prevention, detection, and reporting of modern slavery are everyone's responsibility and are committed to notifying the relevant authorities if we identify any non-compliance.


Buxton values its staff as its greatest asset and provides a comprehensive training program for its employees.

Many staff members have remained with the company for years and have benefited from continuous development opportunities. Buxton encourages staff to undertake any training that will help them reach their full potential.


The company prefers to recruit graduates, allowing them to be trained from the ground up and build a committed and dynamic workforce. Buxton may offer part-time study or sandwich courses to support the development of graduates when recruiting.

Please note that Buxton does not employ direct trades and labour as a principal contractor.


If you are interested in applying for a Quantity Surveying or Site Management apprenticeship, please visit our 'Apprenticeships' page. To apply for a job, please send your CV using the form below.

Buxton Bear

Buxton Bear has become an integral part of the company's education portfolio, helping to inspire young minds in the construction industry. Through his fun and interactive approach, he has managed to educate and raise awareness about the importance of health and safety in the workplace. His presence on-site has helped to instill a positive and proactive attitude towards safety, promoting a culture of safe and responsible behavior.

In addition to promoting health and safety, Buxton Bear has made a significant contribution to the company's efforts to make construction education more engaging and accessible to young people. By incorporating fun and interactive elements into the educational material, he has helped to create an exciting and enjoyable learning environment. His involvement in the education portfolio has helped to spark an interest in construction among young people, inspiring the next generation of builders, architects, and engineers.

Equality & Respect
Anti Slavery
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