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Buxton Annual Mountain Bike Dinner

An unusual use of the word Annual in this instance, meaning once every 3 - 6 years.

Kicking off from The Robin Hood pub on Blue Bell hill, this was a figure of 8 loop, which was just as well as I snapped a bolt on my pivot link, causing my bike to turn into an articulated vehicle, pivoting left and right as well as up and down.

Laura had a puncture, so elected to head to the pub early as well, running the last mile at an impressive rate, Mark also bailing because.....well as far as we could tell, because he wanted some beer.

Great to see Richard at the pub, looking well, even though he wasn't quite ready to hit the Surrey Hills next week.

Prize giving saw Chris win Badger Basher of the year award.

Word of warning, make sure you get your pivots serviced regularly on full suspension bikes, a seized bearing was the cause of my bolt breaking, and the set of bearing on the seat stay pivot were also shot! A fairly easy DIY job if you can work out which bearing / bolt kit you need (hopefully I have the correct ones ordered).

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