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Well Done Toby!

Huge congratulations go to Toby Taylor who has obtained a first class BSc degree with honours in Quantity Surveying.

Toby has attended Kingston University for the past 5 years on the Buxton trainee programme and has been able to utilise his hands on experience working on live projects to enhance his learning.

Toby said “undertaking the 5 year course whilst working has been the best way I believe for me to achieve such an amazing result and I would like to thank my colleagues at Buxton for their training and support during this time … “

Our Commercial Director, Greg Lynn commented “Congratulations to Toby. He was the first candidate into the Buxton Trainee QS programme 5 years ago and has certainly set the bar high for those following. We have been really pleased with the programme, and his success is well earned.”

Toby was presented with a Red Letter Day experience by Greg by way of congratulations for his great result.

Well done Toby !

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