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Rebuilding History

Progress is continuing to be made at our Curie Lodge project in Enfield.

Back in 2014 a contractor was appointed to refurbish a Victorian villa which once formed part of the Northern Hospital for patients with contagious diseases. Strip out works were suspended due to concerns about the integrity of the building, support scaffold was erected and the structure was made safe.

The decision was made to demolish the building by hand, salvaging as many of the original materials as possible, We were appointed in June '16 as main contractor to oversee these works and replicate the red and yellow brick 'Queen Anne Style' building which was popular in the late 19th Century.

Our surveyors and buyers had 'fun' scheduling the intricate special hand made bricks made by Cradley, but as the photos below show our Bricklayers have done an amazing job.

We are currently creating nine apartments, installing services and carrying out external works and landscaping.

Client: Avant Homes (England) Limited Architect: Roberts Limbrick Ltd QS: Baqus Group

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