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Buxton start on site at Burgess Park Sports Pavilion

Buxton have started on site for Southwark Council on a sports pavilion in Burgess Park just off the Old Kent Road, with piling works underway.

The new building will accommodate a reception area, changing rooms, clubroom, a kitchen for refreshments, and storage facilities that connect with adjacent football, rugby and cricket pitches and a basketball court suitable for wheelchair sports.

It will have a perforated 'copper cladding facade' with a fairface concrete plinth which will extend on the pitch side to create an informal seating area.

The development follows extensive stakeholder and community engagement, features wildflower meadows, and extensive tree planting.

Burgess Park’s transformation means families can gather and take advantage of all the new facilities.

The project is being delivered using funds from the Premier League & The FA Facilities Funding.

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