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Christmas Party

As London's lights twinkled, the Buxton Building team descended upon the London Bridge Hotel for what could only be described as a Christmas bash of epic proportions. The evening was a delightful concoction of high spirits, culinary wizardry, and dance moves that would make even Strictly contestants pause for applause.

Christmas hats off to our directors and the marketing wizards who arranged the evening's festivities. From the initial clinking of glasses, which sounded like Santa's sleigh bells in full swing, to a four-course meal that had us all feeling more stuffed than our office turkey, and finally, to the dance floor where we showcased moves that could only be described as ‘unique’.

Here’s to an evening where the spirits were high, and the low-calorie options were nowhere to be seen. Cheers to a team that parties as well as they work, and to a festive season that’s as jolly as our office Christmas jumper.

Bring on the next one!

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