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Futurebuild 2023

Buxton attended Futurebuild, the premier event in sustainable construction, to learn about the latest innovations and ideas in sustainable construction. Today, Futurebuild is considered a leading platform in driving the sustainable construction industry, where the entire supply chain, including architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and manufacturers, share their knowledge and ideas on how to achieve net zero. The event showcases the latest products, technologies, and services in sustainable construction, and attendees have the opportunity to attend interactive workshops and seminars to learn about specific topics.

The keynote speakers at Futurebuild provide insights into the current challenges and opportunities in sustainable construction. The event offers a chance to meet and connect with other professionals in the industry, such as suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers. Futurebuild is still considered a great platform for networking and collaboration, and Buxton looks forward to attending future events to continue contributing to a sustainable built environment.

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