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Hainault Ancient Forest project completes

Buxton is thrilled to announce the completion of the Hainault Forest restoration project for Redbridge Council. This project involved the refurbishment of the existing Victorian barns and the creation of a new visitor hub that provides exceptional visitor facilities.

The newly restored barns have been transformed into a number of small workshops for local, craft-based businesses, providing a platform for artisans to showcase their creations.

The workshops are complemented by a new interactive interpretation and visitor center, events facility, and an additional catering unit, all designed to enhance the visitor experience.

The restoration of the Hainault Forest also included new servicing to all buildings and extensive landscaping to ensure that the parkland remains a sanctuary for wildlife, including an impressive 158 species of birds. The park's rich history as the hunting ground of King Henry VIII has been preserved, and visitors can now explore the area's natural beauty while learning about its historical significance.

Buxton is proud to have played a significant role in restoring Hainault Forest to its former glory and providing top-quality visitor facilities. This project is a testament to our commitment to preserving history and creating spaces that can be enjoyed by all. We look forward to seeing visitors enjoy the newly restored parkland for years to come.

Client: LB of Redbridge

Architect: Thomas Ford & Partners Landscape Architect: Jon Sheaff

QS: Huntley Cartwright

Value: £3m

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