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Mental Health Awareness Week

Buxton will be embarking on Mental Health Awareness Week from 15th – 21st May. We will be running a campaign throughout the business, to promote the importance of good mental health and how to manage any symptoms you, or some close to you, may be experiencing.

Our week is planned out as follows:

  • Monday – Introduction to mental health, employee support, and facilities

  • Tuesday – Anxiety and depression

  • Wednesday – Diet and healthy eating

  • Thursday – ‘Wear it Green Day’

  • Friday – Let's talk. Conversation starter cards were provided and open conversations were encouraged.

To aid in this campaign, we have put together a pack containing information and posters on various topics which is available on all our sites as well as the head office in Caterham.

We are also holding ‘Miles for Mental Health’ where we are challenging our staff to run, walk, swim, and cycle as far as they can in the week to maximise the mental health benefits.

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