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#NAW2024 - Ben Marshall


Since completing my Quantity Surveying apprenticeship in July 2023, I have been able to dedicate all my effort into my career. In the last few months, my responsibilities have increased, and I am now running my own project, with a senior surveyor overseeing my work. Currently, I am working on the Royal Masonic School for Girls, which includes the refurbishment of a large school hall. The knowledge and skills I have gained over my five-year apprenticeship, through the combination of work and university, have given me the capabilities to confidently manage this project and contribute to bringing new ideas and decisions to the table.

In my first five years at Buxton, I have been given the opportunity to be involved in a large variety of different projects, all of which developed my skills in procurement, work valuing, variation management, cost forecasting, as well as developing a deep understanding in construction methodologies and details. Now that I have taken on my first project, I can really challenge myself and combine this experience to develop myself as a professional.


As a qualified Quantity Surveyor, I must constantly re-prioritize tasks and think ahead to overcome challenges. These skills are paramount when taking on more responsibility in my role. I am confident that my apprenticeship with Buxton will enable me to lead my own project successfully.

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