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#NAW2024 - Day 5 - Ben Pendrigh

I am currently in the final academic year of my apprenticeship at Buxton, working towards my degree at Kingston University. Throughout this period, I have developed a profound understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with quantity surveying, further enhancing this knowledge by applying these skills to live projects.

Being involved in a wide array of projects has highlighted the unique nature and distinct challenges each site presents.

At present, I am engaged in two projects. The first is nearing completion, where my role primarily involves liaising both downstream and upstream, specifically in negotiating final accounts, as well as valuing and submitting variations. Simultaneously, I have commenced a new project in London, deeply engaged in the procurement of trades while navigating the logistical challenges it presents.

With a few months left of my degree, I look forward to what the surveying journey will bring, aiming to further enhance my understanding and competencies to tackle even greater commercial challenges and unique situations.

Ben Pendrigh

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