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Social Value Catchup

In 2023, Buxton Building Contractors Ltd. continued their dedication to sustainability, community engagement, and nurturing a loyal workforce. Their key initiatives included:


Summer of Sustainability: This initiative demonstrated Buxton's commitment to environmental stewardship, featuring activities such as a detailed sustainability survey, the introduction of a carbon footprint calculator, and a focus on sustainable purchasing and striving for Net Zero emissions.


PassivHaus Projects: Buxton began two PassivHaus projects and enhanced their expertise by training a team member as a certified tradesperson in the PassivHaus standard, showing a strong commitment to energy-efficient building.


Community Engagement: The company actively collaborated with local organisations and hosted various charity events. These included the 'Wear It Pink' event for breast cancer awareness, participation in the Salvation Army's Christmas Toy Appeal, and contributions to local foodbanks, reflecting their commitment to supporting important community causes.


Sutton Housing Project: The construction of 28 environmentally friendly homes in Sutton demonstrated their dedication to sustainable housing.


Workforce Loyalty: The long tenure of many employees at Buxton is indicative of a supportive and stable work environment.


Now, in early 2024, Buxton Building Contractors Ltd. continues to build on these foundations with various ongoing and new initiatives, furthering their commitment to sustainable development, community involvement, and employee wellbeing.

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