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Unveiling the Intricacies of Sustainable Building with #PassivHaus

Big thanks to our Senior Design & Build Manager, Aga Storer, for an enlightening afternoon as she peeled back the multiple layers of PassivHaus - a building standard that seamlessly marries energy efficiency, comfort, and affordability. 🌿🏠💚

🏠 Why #PassivHaus? It impressively requires only 15kWh/m2/y for space heating, starkly contrasting the 40-60kWh/m2/yr necessitated by typical Building Regs, demonstrating stellar energy efficiency from the outset!

🛠️ The Essence? Design with intention FROM conception. Every aspect, from walls to windows, is meticulously engineered to prevent heat escape while ensuring no unwanted heat is trapped.

🌱 At Buxton , we're not just builders; we're creating sustainable futures, ensuring our projects stand tall and green, embodying principles that respect and nurture our planet.

Here’s to advancing with the insights and inspirations from the PassivHaus principles of comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. 🌎💚

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