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High Rise Buildings

At Buxton Building Contractors, our expertise extends to the modernisation and safety enhancement of high-rise buildings, with a special focus on cladding replacement to meet today's stringent standards. Our commitment to excellence in the urban skyline is matched by our dedication to using cutting-edge, sustainable materials that ensure safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Understanding the unique challenges of each high-rise project, we offer tailored solutions, working closely with clients, architects, and engineers to ensure every aspect of the refurbishment is seamlessly integrated. Our approach is holistic, considering not just the technical requirements but also the impact on residents and the surrounding community.

We place a high priority on liaising with residents, ensuring they are fully supported and informed throughout the works.

Our team is committed to minimising disruption, maintaining clear communication, and providing support to ensure the refurbishment process is as smooth and stress-free as possible for all involved.

Leveraging our proven track record across a variety of high-specification projects, our work in the high-rise sector reflects our unwavering focus on quality, client satisfaction, and innovation. We're not just transforming buildings; we're enhancing the fabric of urban living, ensuring safety, sustainability, and beauty in our cityscapes.

With Buxton, you're choosing a partner dedicated to setting new standards in construction and refurbishment, committed to excellence, and passionate about supporting communities through transformative projects.

Residential Anchor


Centrillion Point

Replacement of rainscreen cladding at Centrillion Point, a residential tower block in Croydon.

The existing cladding was removed and replacement rainscreen cladding installed along with cavity fire barriers.

This was a logistically challenging project, undertaking the works whilst the residential units of the building remained occupied. Another challenge was the location of the building, which is within a busy part of Croydon, adjacent to occupied premises.

Client: Wallace Estates Ltd
Architect & QS: Thomason Partnership Ltd
Value 3.6m

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