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Queens Head Pub - Retained Facade

Update 11.2.20

In order to erect 25T of structural steel for the phase one frame, we needed to crane in two Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP's), one MEWP will then be removed to enable the concrete floors to be poured, it will then be returned to site later on to allow the second phase steelwork to be completed.

The demolition of The Queens Head Pub in Chelsea is now complete with the exquisite Victorian facade being retained by temporary steelwork.

We are now rebuilding behind the facade to create three high-end residential apartments with a new pub on the ground floor.

The adjoining building (1a Elystan Place) will be altered to provide a new dwelling at ground to third floor level. In addition we will be building a rear extension at basement and ground floor level which will provide additional floor space for the pub.

25 Tryon Street will be changed in use to create a new residential property this will include excavating the basement and improvements to front elevation to match the rest of the terrace.

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