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Reflecting on Our Summer of Sustainability

This summer, Buxton Building Contractors embarked on a transformative journey centred around sustainability. As we move into autumn, we're thrilled to share with you, our valued stakeholders, the experiences, insights, and progress we've made towards a greener future.

Week 1: Introduction to Sustainability

Our journey began with an in-depth sustainability survey, gathering insights from various experts and stakeholders. We delved into the three core pillars of sustainability: environment, social, and economic, placing a special emphasis on our ambitious green objectives, such as aiming for Net Zero.

Week 2: Community Engagement and Awareness

The response to our 'Summer of Sustainability' initiative was heartening. We launched a carbon footprint calculator, a tool designed to educate about individual environmental impacts. The data collected highlighted the vast differences in carbon footprints and reinforced the importance of collective action.

Our team engaged in discussions about wellbeing, emphasising the mental health resources available. We also reached out to the community, seeking recommendations for local charities and initiatives that align with our sustainability goals. A highlight of the week was our fundraising tea and cake day, which supported a local cause. Additionally, we emphasised the importance of continuous learning in the realm of sustainability.

Week 3: Sustainable Choices

This week focused on making sustainable purchasing decisions and understanding the broader implications of our choices. We also shared intriguing facts about sustainability. An experiment to turn off our office printers for two afternoons served as a symbolic gesture, encouraging mindful resource usage.

Week 4: Accountability and Progress

In line with our commitment to transparency, we disclosed Buxton's collective carbon footprint for 2021/22: a total of 341t. When benchmarked against some industry peers, it's clear that our foundational sustainability practices are making a difference. Yet, we acknowledge there's more to be done. With a vision of achieving net zero by 2050, our resolve is stronger than ever. We also introduced tools like the WWF Carbon Footprint calculator and emphasised the importance of recycling and repurposing.

Beyond Carbon: A Comprehensive View on Sustainability

While carbon metrics are crucial, sustainability encompasses much more. Our summer initiative sought to highlight its diverse facets, from resource management to ethical practices. At Buxton, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a pledge. Our clients, partners, and stakeholders can trust in our unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions.

Looking Ahead

Though our 'Summer of Sustainability' has wrapped up, our dedication to a sustainable future is steadfast. We're optimistic about the journey ahead and deeply appreciate the support from our clients, partners, and the community.

Stay engaged with us for further updates on our sustainability journey and witness the difference we're making, one project at a time.

A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed, especially Gary Puckett, Becky Rowe, Mia Day, and Derek Gillott. Together, we're forging a brighter, more sustainable future.

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