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Vicky's Work Experiance

Day 1 – Reception and Estimating

After seeing everyone and familiarizing myself with the building and staff, I started on the front desk. Seeing the mountains of post yet to be sorted was overwhelming but once you get into the flow with the letter opener it goes much quicker. Once all the post was put in its place we moved onto the 100+ emails and read through them all with many which had absolutely nothing to do with construction at all, but nevertheless made us laugh. Later in the day I visited the estimating team where I sat in my dad’s chair (which I know he found pretty intimidating), and got to see how important estimating actually is. Overall, my first day was a nice and friendly introduction to Buxtons.

Day 2 – Homefield and Chereton Site Visits

Upon arriving at Homefield, I became very nervous very quickly. Honestly, building sites aren’t terrifying; but scaffolding is. You see it everywhere but highs and scaffolding isn’t the best mix for me. However, after my site induction I felt much safer. It was such an interesting site with both flats and houses and seeing buildings bare and even without proper walls was so strange.

Next stop was Cheriton, and after again being suited up in my PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) we went on a tour of the site. During this tour I got taught about all things construction such as: 1st and 2nd fixes, what the different coloured tubes mean (yellow is gas, blue is water and black is electricity) as well as certain things that can delay a site getting finished. My day on site was a very new and interesting experience.

Day 3 – Northgate Site Visit

After the 25 minute drive to Northgate, we arrived and saw the vast site which will eventually hold 98 flats. After (again) getting suited up we went on a quick site tour right to the top to see how big the site actually was. It has such an amazing view from the top and we even saw a plane taking off from Gatwick. Later in the day I got a second and more in depth tour around the first few tours as well as a safety talk. Then it was time to head back to the office after a long day. I think Northgate is going to be an amazing site once it is finished.

Day 4 – The Marketing Team

On Thursday, I visited the marketing team. I was introduced to everybody and found out about what actually happens in marketing. I put together pack of information to send to potential clients. After this, I was looking at activities for the majority of the employees to go to and bond together. The marketing team was super fun and everyone was really nice and because I love organizing, today and Friday were the best days for me.

Day 5 – Reception and Administration

Due to my love of organizing, this day was great. As I did on Monday, we went through the post and emails before I went through to admin. I got to organize folders and even use the laminating machine, (trust me, I found it fun)!

And that is my week so far! I would like to thank everyone that organized my week and has taken me to and from site as well as the people on site who allowed me to come and visit. And thank you to those who have helped me this whole week and all the teams I visited, it has been really fun!!!

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