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Pupil Tours

Buxton recently organised some successful site tours at Sunnydown School for both students and staff where we are busy working on their brand new additional facilities.

To start with our site team gave a brief talk on the dangers of construction sites and then small groups of excited students together with interested staff were asked to don their PPE including especially purchased new shiny wellington boots in a wide range of sizes 3 – 14 ! The boots were subsequently donated by Buxton so that the students could use them for their rural studies classes.

The students seemed pleased to have an opportunity to visit the site and there were some good questions asked of our team about the build process so hopefully it was a useful learning tool.

Our works include the removal of two existing modular classroom units and construction of a new two storey, pitched roof classroom block, single storey dining room extension, installation of photovoltaic panels on to the roof of existing sports hall plus some associated external works.

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