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Northgate Square - Update

Our trainee site manager George Scrase is getting into the Christmas spirit by has writing the December newsletter for our Northgate Square project.

The Project is progressing well with the brickwork near completion and the tower crane due down on the 4th of February. It feels like Christmas has come early!!!

The site is full of Christmas cheer and ready for finishing trades on lower floors, the membrane roof is complete ready for Santa to land his sleigh. We have been joined by Otis Lee , finishing foreman, Sean Grier, site manager, and Jake Maplesden, finishing foreman. Production is at an all time high with 100+ people on site daily. We have completed a Demo Unit which shows the finished product. We have arranged weekly visits for the college for all aspects of the construction industry.

Works completed in the last month

* Brickwork up to 5th Floor

* 1st fix Electrical and Plumbing-complete

* 1st fix Carpentry-complete

* All windows installed

* Plastering Complete up to Level 5

* Mist coat complete up to level 4

* Sub-station installed

Summary of works for the next two months

* Completion of Brickwork

* Install service for future provision

* Installation of electrical and water supply

* Cabins to be moved.

* Crane Dismantle 4th February

* Finishing Units

Health, Safety & Environmental

Our latest safety inspection again achieved a high result of 98%, and we are happy to report that there has been no accidents to date.

Environmental achievements -

Maintaining our current goals on waste management with clean timber being recycled 100%, Pallets are reused or recycled and general waste being broken down into categories.

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