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Buxton Bear faces the Great Cookie Challenge!

Buxton Bear was suitably attired in his Chef’s outfit last week as he was invited to attend our site at Benenden School, Kent for a somewhat unusual event.

Pat Connelly of Buxton together with Jenny Howard and Jon Cook, both from Synergy LLP, were asked to officiate at a unique event to attempt a Guinness World Record for the longest line of cookies !

The girls’ impressive attempt featured them creating the Benenden school logo measuring 315 metres using more than 3,300 cookies. This impressive line of cookies smashed the previous record set last year by Turkish company Turyagh, whose line of 1,916 cookies measured 152.28 metres in May 2018.

The rules set by the Guinness Book of Records state that a Chartered Surveyor inspect the completed item and measure the physical dimensions and Jon, Pat and Jenny were pleased to assist with this to ensure compliance with the rules.

Buxton Bear, who is a well known real cookie enthusiast, played his part by overseeing the measurements and once recorded he ultimately ensured none of the cookies were wasted - hard task but someone had to do it!

The students at Benenden now await to hear news of whether their endeavours will soon achieve an entry into the prestigious Guinness World Record Book.

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