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Site Safety Award

With the BAFTA’s this week and the Oscars upon us, we were reminded that it was time once again for the safety award!

Our Site Safety Awards acknowledge individuals, teams or sites, who have demonstrated innovation and leadership in helping to promote and improve our overall health, safety and well-being to our clients, supply chain and subcontractors.

The goal remains that of; rewarding sites and individuals on a regular basis for assisting us in that overall journey to an incident and injury free environment.

This award has been adjudicated, and based on the following 6 criteria;

1. A consistent and/or improving EHS monthly average score, both internally and externally

2. Rolling Incident Frequency Rate, (AIFR)

3. Considerate Contractor appraisal and overall score,

4. Proactive Approach towards safety and well-being,

5. Prompt and accurate reporting,

6. Immediate close out of identified and agreed actions.

Taking all factors into consideration, our EHS manager has recommend the project at Vanston Place.

The individual awards goes to Don McCarthy for his effort. Well done!

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