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St Mary's Almshouses

Delighted to share some impressive CGI images from Clive Chapman Architects of our latest venture with The Richmond Charities. These visuals effectively illustrate the concept for the new almshouse development in Richmond, highlighting both the architectural ambition and the project's potential community impact.

This initiative represents a significant expansion for the charity, increasing its portfolio from 145 to 162 homes. The inclusion of 5 fully wheelchair-accessible homes, built to PassivHaus standards, reflects our commitment to high standards of sustainability and accessibility. It's a pleasure to collaborate with The Richmond Charities and Clive Chapman Architects on a project that aligns with our values of quality, sustainability, and positive community contribution.

Thanks to Clive Chapman Architects for providing these detailed images, which clearly convey the project's scope and the positive change we aim to achieve. We look forward to seeing this development progress and to making a tangible difference in the community.

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