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Considerate constructors

Well done to our site teams for their excellent Considerate Constructors reports, they have demonstrated an outstanding effort and commitment towards CCS principles and values.

Below some quotes from our current projects:

‘There is excellent company senior management and site team support in promoting and delivering the scheme’s core values which is reflected in the site visit assessment score.’

‘There is excellent promotion of safety awareness to workforce and students.’

‘Overall this was an excellent site., Safety was very strong.’

'Apparent that the company/site does provide a caring/supportive approach towards the workforce.’

‘Also, of special note is the great deal of help and assistance given to the elderly and inform residents by the very friendly and approachable gate man.’

‘Safety continues to be a high priority’

‘Always a very pleasant element of monitoring is to recognise where improvements have been identified and increased scores justified and given. Thanks to the management team for their kind hospitality and time and commitment to the visit. Keep up the good work and well done.’

‘Respect for the community remains excellent, with the project team strongly committed to the client’s objectives.’

‘The work force is valued and the standard of care remains excellent, with comprehensive facilities provided and maintained to a high standard. The company’s support for encouraging, training and supporting the future workforce continues to shine through.’

‘The impressive achievement on waste recycling is being proudly promoted to the general public and workforce to demonstrate the company’s performance on this site.’

‘Securing everyone’s safety is a clear priority with the site manager and there are some excellent procedures and disciplines in place to ensure that it remains as such.’

‘The workforce is treated with respect and all operatives are encouraged to work as a close team with an open door policy clearly evident.’

The appearance of this site continues to be excellent.’

‘Safety was very strong with plenty in place to ensure that this continues.’

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