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Community Projects

Our company takes pride in constructing community buildings that are not only fit for purpose but also fully accessible in compliance with DDA legislation. We ensure that all of our buildings are easy to maintain and built to the highest possible standards.

Our range of schemes includes refurbishments, extensions, and remodelling projects, which are aimed at breathing new life into redundant spaces, as well as constructing modern, environmentally friendly, and purpose-designed buildings.


Sustainability is at the forefront of our approach, and we incorporate sustainable technologies wherever possible. We consider the whole life cycle cost of each building, making them more cost-efficient to run over the long term. One of our exemplar schemes for Mildway Community Partnership involved the refurbishment and upgrading of an existing community centre to meet Passivhaus sustainability and recycling standards, resulting in a further 35% of usable workspace.

We make every effort to use local labour, materials, and suppliers on all of our projects. We also work closely with different stakeholders involved in each project, including local authorities, funding bodies, and user groups. By doing so, we ensure that our facilities serve the best interests of the community. We believe that building sustainable and accessible community spaces is essential to promoting social cohesion and enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community.

Community Ancor


Hainault Ancient Forest Project

Client: LB of Redbridge
Architect: Thomas Ford & Partners 
Landscape Architect: Jon Sheaff
QS: Huntley Cartwright
Value: £3m                              

Buxton were delighted to have restored Hainault Forest to its former glory for Redbridge Council.

We have refurbished the existing Victorian barns, and created a new visitor hub to provide top-quality visitor facilities, including a new interactive interpretation &  visitor centre, events facility, and an additional catering unit.

The barns will provide a number of small workshops for the operation of local, craft-based businesses, works have also allowed for new servicing to all buildings and landscaping.


Hainault Forest is a spectacular parkland with a rich history, once used as the hunting ground of King Henry VIII it remains a haven for wildlife including an incredible 158 species of birds.

The restoration project is an example of how regeneration can benefit the whole community, through supporting businesses, creating jobs and training opportunities while protecting wildlife, and improving green spaces.

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